Best Plant Based Restaurants Chicago


In Chicago, a vibrant selection of plant-based dining establishments stands out, challenging traditional dining with innovative flavors, artistic presentation, and welcoming atmospheres. These restaurants are set to revolutionize your eating habits.

Now, the Windy City is home to a rich variety of eateries dedicated to plant-based fare, challenging traditional dining with their innovative flavors, artistic presentation, and welcoming atmospheres.

This guide takes you through the elite of Chicago’s vegan dining scene, where each restaurant serves not just food, but an invitation to explore the boundless potential of plant-based cooking.

Top Plant-Based Restaurants in Chicago

1. PLANTA Queen

  •  Location: PLANTA Queen is located in River North, Chicago
  •  Why Best: Sleek and sophisticated space with gourmet plant-based dishes.
  •  Special Dish: Ahi Watermelon Nigiri.
  •  Famous For: Upscale vegan dining and innovative cuisine.

2. Bloom Plant Based Kitchen

  • Location: Wicker Park, Chicago.
  • Why Best: Culinary innovation with vibrant flavors and textures.
  • Special Dish: Miso Guava Eggplant.
  • Famous For: Artistic presentation and creative vegan dishes.

3. Spirit Elephant

  •  Location: Spirit Elephant  Winnetka, Chicago
  •  Why Best: Heart and soul of vegan fine dining with rich flavors.
  •  Special Dish: Meatless Loaf Bourguignon.
  •  Famous For: Inviting ambiance and soulful vegan cuisine.

4. Chicago Diner

  •   Location: Multiple Locations (Lakeview, Logan Square).
  •   Why Best: Iconic diner with a wide range of vegan options.
  •   Special Dish: Thai Chilli Wings.
  •   Famous For: Vegan milkshakes and comfort food.

5. Amitabul

  •  Location: Milwaukee Ave, Chicago.
  •  Why Best: Vegan Buddhist Korean cuisine with a tranquil setting.
  •  Special Dish: Vegan Bi Bim Bop.
  •  Famous For: Dishes created using ancestral recipes without oils or salts.

6. Kale My Name

  •   Location: Albany Park, Chicago
  •   Why Best: Broad, eclectic mix of mouth-watering vegan options.
  •   Special Dish: Buffalo Tofu Wrap
  •   Famous For: Nominated for the best brunch in the country by VegOut Magazine.

7. Handlebar

  •   Location: Wicker Park, Chicago
  •   Why Best: Made-from-scratch vegetarian and vegan dishes in a casual setting.
  •   Special Dish: Buffalo ‘Chicken’ Wrap
  •   Famous For: Beloved beer garden and laid-back vibe.

8. Urban Vegan Thai Cuisine

  •  Location: Ravenswood, Chicago.
  •  Why Best: A fantastic menu of vegan Thai and Asian food.
  •  Special Dish: Vegan Thai Curry.
  • Famous For: Eradicating traditional non-vegan ingredients from sensational creations.

9. Pick Me Up Cafe

  •  Location: Uptown, Chicago.
  •  Why Best: One of the first in the city to offer vegan and vegetarian fare.
  •  Special Dish: Vegan French Toast.
  •  Famous For: All-day breakfast and munchies menu.

10. Kitchen 17

  •  Location: Diversey Ave, Chicago.
  •  Why Best: Home of the original 100% deep-dish vegan pizza.
  •  Special Dish: Deep-Dish Vegan Pizza.
  •  Famous For: Comfort of carbs without any meat or dairy.

11. Alice & Friends’ Vegan Kitchen

  •  Location: Broadway St, Chicago.
  •  Why Best: Celebrates the flavors, beauty, and diversity of vegan cuisine.
  •  Special Dish: Vegan Korean BBQ.
  •  Famous For: Homemade dessert and soy ice cream.

12. Penelope’s Vegan Taqueria

  •  Location: Multiple Locations (River North, Andersonville).
  •  Why Best: Chicago’s first plant-based taqueria offering authentic Mexican cuisine.
  •  Special Dish: Beyond Meat Asada Tacos.
  •  Famous For: Plant-based Mexican cuisine with a fantastic variety of drinks.

13. Soul Veg City

  •  Location: Greater Grand Crossing, Chicago.
  •  Why Best: Offers a heartwarming vegan fine-dining experience.
  •  Special Dish: Fried Cauliflower that tastes like chicken.
  •  Famous For: Combo basket with battered steak and cauliflower.

14. Demera Ethiopian Restaurant

  •  Location: Uptown, Chicago.
  •  Why Best: Offers a wide range of vegan options in an Ethiopian setting.
  •  Special Dish: Vegan Sampler Platter.
  •  Famous For: Authentic Ethiopian cuisine with vegan options.

15. Eathai

  •   Location: Logan Square, Chicago.
  •   Why Best: Offers a menu full of standout dishes that can be made vegan.
  •   Special Dish: Vegan Pad See Ew.
  •   Famous For: Thai cuisine with a vegan twist.

16. Veggie House

  •   Location: Chinatown, Chicago.
  •   Why Best: The only vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Chinatown.
  •   Special Dish: Orange “Chicken” (Mushrooms).
  •   Famous For: Vegan takes on Chinese staples.

17. Healthy Substance

  •  Location: W Archer Ave, Chicago.
  •  Why Best: Fantastic vegan Mexican spot with house-made ingredients.
  •  Special Dish: Vegan Al Pastor.
  •  Famous For: Bright and inviting space with authentic vegan Mexican cuisine.

18. Majani Restaurant

  •   Location: South Shore, Chicago.
  •   Why Best: Offers vegan soul food with meat-defying creations.
  •   Special Dish: BBQ Cauliflower.
  •   Famous For: Vegan soul food and homemade vegan cupcakes.

19. Amitabul

  •  Location: Norwood Park, Chicago.
  •  Why Best: Spiritual vegan Korean cuisine with nourishing dishes.
  •  Special Dish: Seitan Skewers.
  •   Famous For: BYOB option and health-focused menu.

20. Sunda

  •  Location: Sunda is located in River North, Chicago.
  •  Why Best: Upscale Asian fusion with a dedicated vegan menu.
  •  Special Dish: Vegan Sushi Rolls.
  •  Famous For: Vibrant atmosphere and extensive vegan options.

21. True Food Kitchen

  • Location: River North, Chicago
  • Why Best: Offers a variety of dishes catering to different dietary restrictions.
  • Special Dish: Butternut Squash Pizza
  • Famous For: Health-conscious menu in a chic setting.

22. Chicago Raw

  • Location: River North, Chicago.
  • Why Best: 100% raw and vegan menu with innovative dishes.
  • Special Dish: Raw Pad Thai
  • Famous For: High-quality, raw vegan cuisine.

23. Duck Duck Goat

  •  Location: West Loop, Chicago.
  •  Why Best: Offers a separate vegan menu with Chinese-inspired dishes.
  •  Special Dish: Vegan Pecan Cauliflower
  •  Famous For: Inventive vegan options in a lively setting.

24. Urban Vegan

  •   Location: W. Montrose Ave, Chicago.
  •   Why Best: Vegan Thai restaurant with a focus on authentic flavors.
  •   Special Dish: Vegan Curry
  •   Famous For: Eliminating traditional non-vegan ingredients.

25. The Original Soul Vegetarian

  •  Location: Chatham, Chicago.
  •  Why Best: Offers a variety of vegan dishes in a casual setting.
  •  Special Dish: Vegan Fried Chicken.
  •  Famous For: Long history of serving vegan soul food.

26. B’Gabs

  •   Location: 1450 E 57th St, Chicago.
  •   Why Best: Focuses on healthy vegan options for breakfast and lunch.
  •   Special Dish: Vegan Mac and Cheeze.
  •   Famous For: Raw and gluten-free dishes.

27. Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat

  •  Location: Hyde Park, Chicago.
  •  Why Best: Plant-based comfort food that rivals traditional fast food.
  •  Special Dish: Vegan Philly Cheesesteak.
  • Famous For: Convincing meat-free versions of fast-food favorites.
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